Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching Up!

Here ya go, Riley fans! A quick look back at the last five months or so!

Riley dresses up and gets stoned for the Obama inauguration...

Mmmmm, Easter Candy!

Do you think Kenny G started this way?

New York City 2009!
Riley watches Grandpa Wack calculate the tip!
Enjoying the Natural History Museum!

Earning frequent flyer miles on the subway with veteran traveller cousin Spencer!

Riley is fascinated by our patched together, but comfortable hotel room...

And decided to visit grandma and pappaw in their cozy loft bed!

No, I want to kiss her first!
Grandpa's retirement dinner at the Central Park Boathouse...Mommy and Uncle Joe's debit cards are still smoking!
Phew! I'll post more in a few hours!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Is There Lead in Chinese Food Coloring?

Ah, the joys of holidays featuring green frosting....

Adorable, yes?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Artistic Differences

"I disagree with my learned cousin Spencer...I prefer Matisse's later works. That's all I have to say!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Pics

Instead of waxing poetic about the inauguration (sorry, guys, but Top Chef is on tonight), I'll just briefly say "awesome"! And here are some photos and a video of Riley...if I can get this to work right...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Too Tired For Murder

If my mother reads this post, she will like the was the title of one of the murder mysteries she wrote...a Christmas homage to you, Muz.

But, it also describes my state of mind right now. Too tired to bother to kill the ex...who has dropped hints that he would come back if I wanted him...HAH! When hell freezes over, buddy! That is, unless you and your penis get your heads on straight. Which will never happen.

Unfortunately, however, I am also too busy (tired) to try to look for someone new. My profile has had no messages for me since I edited a couple weeks ago...maybe I shouldn't have said the following...
"You guessed it, boys and girls, Riley's Daddy and myself have split up. I did everything I could, but here I am single again...mostly looking for people to talk to or hang with between my busy work schedule and raising my beautiful son...but, if I happen to meet a great guy, I would not be opposed to a long-term relationship in the future.Here's what I DON'T morons, no druggies, no leaches, no cheaters, no man who hasn't "found himself yet", and, definitely, no man who thinks Paris Hilton is "hot".What I DO want...a good sense of humor (no, the damn Blue Collar Comedy Tour guys do not count), a good paying job (I'm not supporting anyone but myself and my child), a minimum of baggage (kids are fine but not five kids to five different women), some college education would be nice (if for no other reason than we would have more to talk about), at least a decent ability to put an outfit together (please, no acid wash jeans from the late 80s), no one who hangs out in bars constantly (I work in one, I get tired of it), at least a passing interest in politics and world affairs (again, the stuff we could talk about), and, obviously, since I have a must at least have patience with...and general affection for...children.P.S. I changed my status to single because I've been divorced for 17 years and figured it was silly to call myself divorced after that long. (Riley's father and myself were not married). Also, there was no option for smoker who plans to quit soon, so I cheated and put "occasionally." So sue me.I like...James Bond movies, Anne Rice novels (her early stuff), kissing for an hour, going out to dinner, spreading a quilt on the floor and watching DVDs with my guy, watching my baby boy do ANYTHING, Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns, posting occasionally on my blog, drinking Corona, and many other things I don't currently have time for."

Now, my mind, this is not too picky, not too bitter, and not too fucking much to ask! Alas, I guess I could use some feedback because this profile hasn't seen any means Mommy won't see any action either.

Funny thing is, this wasn't what I planned to post tonight, but it filled up the space nicely, don't you think?